Brief COVID-19 Update

If I had to guess how this past semester would have gone, I – like most people – wouldn’t have guessed that there would be a global pandemic that would have happened. Instead, I would have predicted that with the final week of classes starting tomorrow, I would be putting all of my finishing touches on final projects and starting to study – or at least looking over a study guide – for my women in the visual arts history course.

Instead, I am sitting here in the early hours of a Sunday morning, watching the HBO series The Newsroom on the TV in my living room by using a USB cord to stream the show from my iPhone to the TV while trying to figure out what I want my final prints to look like.

For a few weeks, I did a decent job of doing daily drawings and keeping up with my art history course moving online. Some of the drawings I have done are:

I basically have this week left of regular classes and then my semester ends on May 7th and here is what I have learned about myself: having limited face-to-face interaction with my peers isn’t the way I like to interact with people, serving house arrest would be no cake walk for, and that I’m tired of these “once in a generation events” like this and 9/11 and other events have happened during my life time.

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