My take of a creative selfie

My name is Joe Vito Moubry and I am a creative. I do printmaking, photography, writing. Growing up in Ely, Minnesota, I’ve always been people who partook in different creative fields, falling in love with different creative fields was a given. Yet, I did not know what I wanted to do career wise. After having graduating from high school in 2008, I decided to do the logical thing a go to college to ‘find myself.’

By 2014, I had earned a B.A. in Liberal studies as well as a B.F.A. in Creative & Professional writing from Bemidji State University. Through the local community college in my hometown, I have also earned an A.S. in Business, a General Business Diploma, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship before deciding to enroll at the University of South Dakota to earn a B.F.A. in Printmaking.