Selected Coursework

Due to my extensive collegiate career, my coursework has been varied. If I listed every course I’ve taken, it would included everything from general education courses like math to interdisciplinary course such as Professional Writing in the Political Sphere. Instead, I wanted list courses that I feel showcases the varied interests I have that influence both my writing practices and studio practices.

Sustainable Tourism | Vermilion Community College | Spring 2009
Intro to Entrepreneurship | Vermillion Community College | Spring 2015
Environmental Design | Vermilion Community College | Fall 2016
Literary Journalism | Bemidji State University | Fall 2011
Men’s Issues | Bemidji State University | Fall 2011
Professional Writing in the Political Sphere | Bemidji State University | Spring 2012
Intersexuality of Sexuality and Gender | Bemidji State University | Fall 2012
Gender Politics | Bemidji State University | Spring 2013
Identity and Group Politics | University of South Dakota | Spring 2019
History of Women in Visual Culture | University of South Dakota | Soring 2020